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Welcome to Kimchi and Beans!  A husband and wife team, we're a Chicago-based blog on a mission to experience culture in and out of the kitchen. Find new recipes, unique markets and places to eat around Chicago, and lots of travel inspiration.

Why Kimchi and Beans? It’s a fun way to honor our Caribbean and Korean backgrounds, as well as the amazing cultural diversity featured in many of our stories. You’ll see posts that touch on our Caribbean upbringing, our experience living in different US cities and traveling to new countries.

We'd love to collaborate! We enjoy working on recipe development for brands, food styling, and travel features. For partnerships, questions and additional information on projects we've worked on, feel free to contact us at Kimchiandbeans@gmail.com.

Maria & Nabol
Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Maria is a creative advertising writer with a passion for food styling and good storytelling. Nabol was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Añasco, Puerto Rico. He's a technology analyst, self-taught cook, and lover of all things vegetarian.

>Disclosure information<

Kimchi and Beans is a food and lifestyle blog based in Chicago, Illinois written and managed by Maria Aponte and Nabol Paz. All opinions are our own.

Recipes and pictures are also our own. All recipes are original and developed by us, unless there is a reference in the post to its original source.

Sponsored content for which compensation has been received will be clearly labeled as paid content. Regardless of payment, however, it is our duty to write honestly about our experience with products and services. We also select partnerships to make sure their brand messaging aligns with Kimchi and Beans’ editorial point of view. Any questions regarding product claims will still need to be verified with the company making the claim.

Through Google Analytics, we also collect generic information about our blog visitors, such as number of monthly visitors, click through rate and country of origin of our visitors. This information is used to develop better content for readers and could also be provided to brands and partners who wish lo learn more about our readers.

For any questions related to the blog and/or its Privacy Policy, please contact us at Kimchiandbeans@gmail.com

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