New Detroit Series

For the longest time, Detroit was a quick day stop on our way to Toronto or somewhere else in the state of Michigan. Our desire to spend a few days exploring different neighborhoods and trying all the classic foods was always in the back of our minds. But it wasn’t until the pandemic hit and our international borders closed that we revisited our list of local destinations.

Back in the summer, we decided to work from Detroit and enjoy as much of the city as possible given the current restrictions. After a few days, we couldn’t believe it took us so long to make the trip.

There is something very comforting and grounding about being there. It reminded us of that feeling we get when we go back home to Puerto Rico. You drive around and everywhere you look you see so much potential where others miss it: organizations with great ideas, interesting businesses, tasty new restaurants, community life blossoming all around.

We did our best to take all in, which is why we didn’t record as much. But we did record some, and that’s what you’ll see in our short Detroit video series. We did our best to show you a very honest, yet fun and tasty, side of the city. Hope you enjoy it.

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