Our Summer 2020 Magazine is up!

It’s been an interesting last few weeks to say the least. We’ve been constantly debating about what type of content is right for this moment when we’re all going through so much. That’s probably why our latest summer edition took so long to put together. We’ve paused it several times and reworked different sections as we all react to so many unprecedented events happening around the world at once.

At some point, you’ve come to realize that whatever you put out there now is not going to be close to perfect. We have a lot on our minds and in our hearts, and we’re all trying to figure out how to live better, how to work smarter, and how to leave a positive mark on a society that so badly needs it.

So we consider this edition a work in progress, just a simple update of what has happened with our channel, recipes we’ve cooked during quarantine and some travel inspiration. We want our future editions to highlight other topics that help bring social and cultural perspective. We want to be better at creating content that helps educate, inspire and support our multicultural audience.

Until then, here’s our summer edition. Click here to read.


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