Chicago Takeout: A New Series

These days are all about being practical and helping each other in any way we can. Not all of us are essential workers, but there are very unique ways to help our community beyond donating money or food. Maybe you are excellent at sewing, for example, and can make face masks for friends and family. Maybe you love to talk to strangers and can call people up to see how they’re doing. Maybe you can volunteer to help tutor children online.

Youtube vloggers are also doing a lot to stop misinformation, spread awareness, and fill the need for positive content. While we honestly thought that nobody would want to see vlogs like ours during this pandemic, we’ve actually been getting requests to post any remaining travel content and helpful (or just plain fun) quarantine content.

In addition to that, we noticed that Chicago folks are going to different platforms in search of good takeout options. That motivated us to start a new series where we can highlight great food and support local businesses.

In our first episode of Chicago Takeout, we feature tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes from Chicago Diner (an old favorite of ours) and Kal’ish (a new find). The plan so far is to have a different theme or cuisine in every episode and continue to highlight an old favorite and a new find.

If you guys have any suggestions on how we can improve this series or any of our content during this time, we always appreciate your feedback. Our next Chicago Takeout episode is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 26th, and will feature two local breweries offering curbside pickup of their brews. So stay tuned for that!

Until then, here’s our first episode.

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