Quarantine Partner Quiz + Week 6 Thoughts

We’re on week 6 of Chicago’s Stay-At-Home order, and it’s not getting any easier. It’s not hard because we run out of things to do or Netflix shows to watch, but because the longer this situation goes on, the more we know things won’t exactly go back to “normal.” Staying positive and accepting our new reality is an everyday challenge.

At home, we’ve been practicing self-care and taking the time to reconnect with our personal passions. And as a couple, we’re also trying to pay more attention to each other’s needs. This is the time to cook more of our partner’s favorite meals. It’s time to offer a helping hand around the house, show interest in each other's hobbies or find ways to combine creative skills in unique projects. All we have is time.

These are the things that keep us strong and put everything that’s happening into perspective. What’s important in life is right here… at home. Let’s continue to take care of that first before we take on the world.

In the spirit of getting closer and stronger, Nabol and I put together a partner quiz for our Youtube channel. Couples need to answer 20 questions to see how much they know about each other – and hopefully, laugh in the process. (In our video, we only had time to show 10 answers, but you guys can try answering all of the questions at home.)

Partner Quiz: How well do we know each other?

  • Write the following questions on small pieces of paper and place them in a bowl.
  • Pour some wine or coffee, find a comfortable spot around your home and disconnect yourself from any devices.
  • Pick one question at a time and each of you needs to answer what you think the other person would answer. (Feel free to add/remove questions that are more fitting to you as a couple)
  • Keep a friendly score and have fun discussing the answers.

1. Would you rather travel to the countryside, a beach or the city? And why?

2. Favorite dish

3. Where did we meet? And first impression of me?

4. Age and height

5. Favorite drink – Alcoholic or not

6. Current favorite song

7. Favorite movie and genre

8. Last time you cried

9. Favorite ice cream flavor

10. Favorite childhood videogame/game/book etc.

11. Last person who texted you

12. Favorite destination so far? And why?

13. Dream destination

14. Sport you practiced as a child

15. Your spouse’s pet peeve

16. What do you hate the most about traveling?

17. What do you love the most about traveling?

18. First car? Dream car?

19. Is it worse to lose your phone or camera?

20. Who’s the better cook?

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