Kimchi and Beans 2019 Summer Magazine

This summer just became 1,000 times more exciting! That’s because our YouTube channel just reached the 1K milestone and we couldn’t be more thankful. To say that it’s been a tough journey is truly an understatement —Youtube doesn’t make it easy on small content creators. That’s for sure. But against all odds, our community has been there with words of advice and encouragement. You continue to inspire us to grow and make our content better every day.

And like this milestone wasn’t enough, we’re also celebrating 10 years since we started blogging and cooking. It’s all coming full circle.

In our latest magazine, we tell you a little bit about how we got started and how the blog and channel continue to evolve. And as always, we include a little travel and cooking inspiration to get you going this summer. Hope you all have a blast this season.

Again, 1,000 times thank you.

Click here to read our SUMMER 2019 EDITION.

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