Island Dailies Video Series

Island Dailies is in full swing! We truly wanted to share with you a slice of life in Puerto Rico with this video series. These are by no means tourism videos, but a compilation of fun outings and family time around the island. We feature lots of local favorites, a few historic attractions, hang out spots and seriously amazing food. Come along for the ride!

Here's day 1 in beautiful Puerto Rico! In this video, we feature a beloved classic restaurant in the Santurce area of San Juan, just a short drive from the airport. It's called La Casita Blanca and you'll find it on 351 Calle Tapia. Our favorite dish was the corned beef stuffed avocado, but you can't go wrong with anything on their menu. The staff is super friendly and you get a complimentary appetizer or treat.

Here's Day 2 in beautiful Puerto Rico. Our day started with fresh bread and delicious pastries at Genesis Bakery on Esmeralda Avenue in Guaynabo. We recommend getting their slightly sweet pan
sobao and a few of their meat pastelillos! Then, after our plans for lunch had to be postponed, we decided to go to El Mesón, a popular fast-food chain known for its sandwiches, baked potatoes, and lunch plates. Finally, we ended our day in Old San Juan strolling around some of our favorite spots.

Now, get ready for the most perfect pork crackling of your lives! In this video, we feature El Rancho de Apa in Guaynabo, home of the “Roasted Pork Samurai.” Yes! We were finally able to try it and if you ever have a chance, you should too! Also, in response to some of our non-Puerto Rican followers, we’re featuring your typical local supermarket where you can buy anything and everything to make a great home cooked meal at your Airbnb. And finally, we are featuring more personal footage of us putting together a backyard BBQ dinner for Maria’s folks.

Here’s a super short bonus! While we finish our last few videos, we wanted to quickly share with you a very tasty breakfast at The Café Lab in Guaynabo, as well as our relaxing drive to the West Side, ending with lots birthday singing to celebrate Nabol’s special day.

When it comes to having a great time, no need to look anywhere else but Puerto Rico. Fun happens anywhere here: by the beach, in your friend’s porch, at a humble “chinchorro” (eatery), even at a gas station! Literally anywhere! Many of our best hangout memories are of course, on the West Coast, going from one place to the other without a definite plan. We wanted to share some of that in this video. We’ll drive you around the towns of Mayagüez and Rincón, giving you a taste of corn ice cream from Rex Cream, going to Lion's Den Book & Games, stopping at The Beach House for great drinks and finally trying super authentic Korean grub at Baegopa in Rincon’s Gastropark.

No place like home: Añasco, Puerto Rico. This video is by no means a tourism video, but rather a slice of life, a humble compendium of the places, stories and flavors that keep this West Coast town so close to our hearts. We feature El Salto de la Encantada, the town square, the amazing food of Añasco chef Abel Mendoza at Estela, the Holaldre factory, the empanadillas at Kaplash, El Mirador, Barrio Playa, Don Frappe and the list goes on.

Our island adventures continue in the towns of Yauco and Cabo Rojo! We feature the Yaucromatic project, a Yauco neighborhood turned into a colorful macro mural by local artist Samuel González and others. Then, we go on a hike to Los Morillos Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo, and finally, stop by Mandarin to satisfy our cravings for some delicious Chinese Puerto Rican food.

Last day in Puerto Rico! We couldn't say goodbye without enjoying some delicious San Juan style burgers at El Hamburger, and then Maria's parents also invited us to Taller de Tapas in Guaynabo, a fun neighborhood joint with great tapas, sangría and live music. Thank you so much for following along.

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