Chicago's World Dumpling Fest

There are many definitions for what constitutes a dumpling. For the most part, some define it as a small savory ball of dough that may be boiled, steamed, fried or baked in a casserole. Others say it's a dough wrapping with a filling of some kind. Whatever your take on the matter is, we can all agree that they are delicious. And in Chicago, these are a big enough reason to gather a pretty sizable and hungry crowd at this year’s World Dumpling Fest in Polk Bros Park.

The food festival took place this past Sunday, September 23rd and featured diverse cultural dumplings from neighborhood-based ethnic restaurants in and around Chicago. Some of the participating restaurants include Día de los Tamales, Himmel’s, Kasia’s Deli, Café Tola and Tryzub Ukrainian Village.

Attendees could sample a variety of options by purchasing a 3-sample package for 10 dollars or a 9-sample package for $25 — A bit pricey if you ask us, but the food was indeed delicious. The lines were longer than expected, but luckily the weather was gorgeous and the music was pretty great. We particularly enjoyed a performance by Delgres and the various ethnic dances from around the globe.

If you’re planning to stop by next year, do eat a snack before you go and maybe grab a beer before getting in line for the food. You could be waiting 20 minutes for food, but it’s worth it. Just make friends, ask them about their favorite dumplings and learn more about our incredibly diverse city.

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