Drinks at the Hancock

Here's one of our favorite Chicago tips. To enjoy amazing views of the city's skyline, you don't have to visit the tallest building. While most tourists choose to wait 3 hours to experience the Willis Tower Sky Deck on its 103rd floor, our recommendation is to go for cocktails at the Hancock’s Signature Lounge on its 96th floor.

Seven floors won't make a big difference and the Hancock's perspective is so much nicer. You get a great view of the lake and neighbor states, not to mention a fantastic cocktail menu that includes Pineapple Tonic, Blueberry Sage Mojito, and the Pomegranate Sour Martini. If you are going for the family fun experience, you can also try the Hancock’s 360 Chicago, just a couple of floors below the Signature. They’ve got the Tilt! —a fairly new feature where visitors can get tilted 30 degrees outward facing Chicago’s Magnificent Mile from 1,000 feet up.

In terms of pricing, cocktails at the Hancock average $15 dollars per drink, versus $25 dollars for the Willis Tower experience or $23 for the Tilt at the Hancock. In our experience, the Signature Lounge has always been a hit with out-of-towners and truly a lasting memory.

View from John Hancock's Signature Lounge on the 96th floor.

Drinks at the Signature Lounge: White Russian, Godiva Chocolate Martini and Moscow Mule.

On the Willis Tower's Ledge 103 floors up!

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