Korean Pizza Taste Test

In the world of pizza, there are lots of snobs and haters. Chicagoans know a thing or two about that. Not everybody’s a fan of deep dish, but our delicious interpretation of this recipe is still very much part of our local food repertoire. And who wouldn’t love a slice of Pequod’s anyway?!... Well, the same happens with Korean pizza. It’s very much its own thing. It’s usually sweet, with lots of sauce and unusual ingredients like corn, potatoes, onion rings, mayonnaise or pasta.

While we were in Seoul a few weeks ago, we tried the steak pizza at Pizza School, a popular chain among students in Seoul. We were surprised to find more than students here. We saw a couple of business people sitting down to eat a slice or picking up an order to take home. That was a good sign!

Our combo came with pickles and crazy cheesy fries that you put together by shaking the fries in a paper bag with a packet of powdered cheese. And if that wasn’t cheesy enough, they also provide a garlic cheese sauce to dip your fries.

The pizza itself wasn’t bad, but as expected, it was on the sweeter side. The steak was tender and the Bulldog-like barbecue sauce on top wasn’t bad. And like many Korean pizzas, it had lots of corn. Also, not bad. The entire combo with drinks was just about $12.

We actually wanted to go back to try their carbonara pizza, which had real pasta noodles and bacon on top. They also had a quesadilla and bulgogi pizza that looked really good. But there just wasn't enough time. If Pizza School were to put a store in Chicago (which would be the perfect place to do so!) we would definitively go back. Any adventurous eater would love this place.

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