Friends Ramen

Sometimes weekends can’t come soon enough. Maybe that’s why the idea of having Japanese tapas and ramen for lunch sounded like a pretty delicious way to break the routine. On the corner or Chicago and State, you’ll find Friends Ramen — the perfect little Izakaya style shop that offers a variety of mini bowls of ramen, rice, and appetizers. Not all of their options are on their online menu, but trust me they have them.

Each bowl is about $4 to $6 so you can mix and match your favorites. We recommend the spicy shrimp ramen and the takoyaki octopus balls. The ramen was very simple, but the broth was amazing. So tasty! Servings are not big, but two bowls are enough food for one person. (Depending on how much you eat for lunch!)

What we liked about this places is how fresh everything tasted. Everything was perfectly seasoned, well-balanced. We’ve been to similar shops in Chicago and they don’t compare. If you’re in the mood to have a little more fun, enjoy their selection of sake and beer. It’s also great to bring a small group of friends.

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