New blog name, new phase in our blogger journey.

Times are changing and so is our blog. For a while now, it hasn’t been just about cooking delicious recipes with seasonal ingredients, but about embracing and sharing the multicultural experience through food exploration and the conscious decision to immerse ourselves in different worlds outside of our own. There’s so much beauty and enlightenment in diversity and nothing brings us more satisfaction that showcasing it in our stories.

Moving forward, our recipes will not only highlight seasonal ingredients, but new spices and regions of the world, as well as little known traditions in our country. Verdelicias is now Kimchi and Beans, in honor of our Korean and Caribbean backgrounds. As you know, Nabol was born in South Korea and later moved to Añasco, Puerto Rico with his grandparents. I was raised between the island municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico and San Juan.

Since we moved to the US more than a decade ago, we’ve had so much fun learning about the different cultures here: Latin American, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, European and everything in between. Let’s continue to do the same together. We’re excited to share with you this new phase in our journey.

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