Island Dailies Series

So much has been said lately about our beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Financial crisis. Massive exodus. It can be very negative. But regardless of what’s been said and the realities that do exist, we see our island with the eyes of unconditional love, deep respect and immense gratitude for how this place and its people have turned us into the resilient Caribeños we are today. We want to share with you some of that beauty and relentless spirit.

This first Island dailies video focuses mostly on random moments and places in the town of Añasco, where Nabol grew up. We feature slices of life, some of the things we like to eat at grandma Olga’s, her beautiful sofrito garden, one of the local panaderías (bread and pastry shops), a pinchera (street kabob stand), and more.

Here's a slice of life in Mayagüez. This is the eighth-largest municipality of Puerto Rico, also located on the west side of the island. It's also where Nabol goes to take his dog Molly to the vet, in a more rural area call Miradero. When we're there, we aways have to stop by Rex Cream to get some delicious Corn Ice Cream and we usually also stop by the Ricomini bakery for Brazo Gitano Cake. There's so much more to do here, but we didn't have enough time to go to all of our favorite places. Hopefully, next time.

Another slice of life video! This time, I'm at my folks home in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, about 15-20 south of Old San Juan. We stopped to have breakfast at a popular local chain, El Meson. They have amazing pressed sandwiches and croquetas. You'll also see a bit of footage at home, where we feature my folk's garden and a delicious Steak al Caldero prepared by my dad. At night, I took them out for tapas and drinks at the recently opened Taller de Tapas.

In this video, we headed to Cayey, up in the central mountains of Puerto Rico. More specifically, we went to an area famous for its traditional rustic eateries called Guavate, also known as “Ruta del Lechón” or Roasted Pork Route. My parents like to eat at El Rancho Original, which is one of the most famous restaurants on the route. Since I hadn’t been in Puerto Rico for almost two years, I think we ordered just about everything!... Stewed Cuajito (Hog Maw), Roasted Pork, Rice and Beans, Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas), Boiled Green Bananas, Blood Sausage, Pasteles (Plantain Tamales) and of course, Flan. This is the place to come to breathe fresh air, eat until you drop and have a great time with the family.

If there’s a place where we literally go to escape the rest of the world, that’s the Tamboo Bar and Seaside Grill in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Just the drive to get to this spot on the beach is incredibly therapeutic to us, even more so if we play a little Incubus, some Faith No More and classic Pearl Jam. It's gorgeous over there! A few glasses of sangría later and all our worries go out the window. That’s in essence what Rincón is to us.

One more Island Dailies video! And it’s our favorite one! I hung out with my parents around San Juan and enjoyed a delicious oceanfront meal at Ladi’s. In the background, you’ll listen to the amazingly talented Edgardo Monserrat singsing “Boricua en la luna,” a local anthem about islanders who leave everything behind in pursuit of a better life. And you’ll also see a recap of our trip to the Island.

For these and other great videos, visit our YouTube Page "Maria and Nabol. As always, thanks for all your love and your support.

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