Bristol Renaissance Faire

If you always wished you lived in a fantasy world of fairies, knights and castles, the Bristol Renaissance Faire will bring to life all of your wildest dreams. You’ll be stepping back in time to the year 1574 on a day when Queen Elisabeth is visiting the town of Bristol, Wisconsin. This is where the faire takes place from early July to Labor Day.

Everything about this magical town resembles Elizabethan England. You can witness a jousting battle with knights dressed in full armor, you can participate in 16th Century games or enjoy any of the traditional open-air events. You can even find your very own medieval attire in one of the many market stores! You’ll be surprised how many people dress up.

Coming here can be a bit pricey (After the entrance fee of $25, you also have to pay for many of the attractions and tip the performers. The food is quite pricey too. Think Disney.), but it’s definitively an experience that we’re glad we were able to have.

The faire is well organized and every little element, from the village structures and decorations to the actors’ wardrobe and props, it’s simply gorgeous. Full of color and detail. It’s no surprise why it has been considered one of the best in the country.

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