Colorado Road Trippn': Day 1 in Boulder

What's UP Colorado? My second home. My old stomping ground. It’s been 10 long years since I’ve last seen you. I left as a 24-year old rookie reporter and came back very hungry! So here you have us! Nabol and I arrived ready and excited to revisit some of our favorite places around the state and show everyone just how tasty and breathtaking of a place you are. Time for a fun mountain style #foodventure!

Our first stop: Boulder, Half Fast Subs to be exact. After a gorgeous drive around the foothills, there’s no better place for a casual lunch. This amazing sandwich shop has been around for a while and we couldn’t believe there aren’t very many YouTube videos of them. Located on The Hill, a hippy-dippy neighborhood next to The University of Colorado at Boulder, Half Fast Subs has been voted best of Boulder for a reason. It’s not about how many sandwiches they have on their menu (if you so dare count them) it’s about how insanely good they are.

I knew right off the bat I wanted to have the Stuffed Meatloaf Sandwich. Did I mention it has mashed potatoes, mushrooms and lots of gravy?! Yes, it does and I’ve been dreaming about it. Nabol on the other hand, had a harder time choosing. He finally got the ”Big Apple” with pastrami, corned beef, pickles, provolone and coleslaw. It was super tasty and he even argues that it was better than mine… I don’t know about that.

What was really cool about coming here after all these years, was that the owner himself brought us our sammies and stopped to say hello. He likes to make sure his customers are happy and it's great to see that his business keeps going strong.

Once stuffed and happy, we walked through The Hill for a bit and headed straight to the Flagstaff Viewpoint for a proper hello. At an elevation of over 6,000 feet, the views of the town are simply spectacular and just a short 10-minute drive from The Hill. It’s the perfect place for a photo sesh and take in the fresh air.

Pearl Street Mall was next. And this is a must stop. Considered the heart and soul of Boulder by many locals, Pearl Street has been a place for provisions and business since back when Boulder was a mining town. With time, it has slowly evolved into a colorful modern street mall with lots of independent stores, restaurants, bars and relaxing spots to people watch. A lot of the action happens here.

The Boulder Book Store is always nice to visit, as well as a variety store called Into The Wind, with lots of beautiful kites and interesting toys. We also stopped by Zoe Ma Ma for some delicious steamed buns to go and something called Pearl Meatballs, both very very good.

In just a few hours, we covered a lot of Boulder basics and called it a day in preparation for our 7-hour drive to the other corner of the state the following day. We just stopped at a local market to grab snacks for the road and head back to the hotel for a good night’s rest. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure.

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