DegustaBox Unboxing

The following post is a sponsored collaboration with DegustaBox. All opinions are our own. 

It’s impossible to try every food item out there. As bloggers and foodies, we rely a lot on our friend’s recommendations, reviews or just plain luck to find and learn about what’s good in the market. So another cool way to be in the know is what our friends at DegustaBox are proposing ­— A monthly subscription to receive a carefully curated box of goodies for a lot less that you would pay at the store.

Every month, DegustaBox sends you 10 to 15 surprise products, many of which are completely new in the market and the items could be anything from sauces, pastas, snacks or sweets. Although we were a bit skeptical at first, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found in the box. Many items in the box where non-gmo, some gluten free, low calorie or had little ingredients listed on the labels, which is something we love to see.

Overall, we think it’s a good deal. You can always share the items in the box with people at work, your family... or better yet, you can invite over a bunch of foodie friends and test the products together every month!

Here’s what we thought about each product. Look forward to a delicious recipe with one of our favorite items!

Wise Popcorn: Our box came with 4 snack-size popcorn bags of popcorn. We preferred the sea salt flavored to the cinnamon roll flavored ones because they had less ingredients listed on the label. But both had very good flavor and 80 calories or less.

Haribo Sour Gummy Bears: This is the good kind of gummy bears! It’s a nice sweet & sour treat to have once in a while or to keep it at the office and share during meetings.

Honees: We love the Honees! These cough drops come with real honey inside and have vitamin C, B6 and B12. They have great flavor too! We’ll definitively be looking out for these.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil: These were great too. We had no idea they came in such convenient packaging. We do use coconut oil quite a bit to treat our skin and hair, so these are very handy. And you can cook with them too! We’ll use them to make pancakes very soon.

Orchard Valley Trail Mix: We liked that these trail mixes are not very sweet and come just in the right size for your afternoon snack or to take on the road. The combination of ingredients is great too.

Topo Chico Waters: I had forgotten how great these were. And I made Nabol an instant fan! It’s such a refreshing drink for summer to enjoy with a slice of lemon or you can even use them to make great cocktails.

Brianna’s Home Style Italian Vinaigrette Dressing: This is a simple, but tasty dressing that goes with everything. You can use it in salads or as a marinade for cheese or chicken. We drizzled it over a quick caprese salad and it was divine. Just the right amount of salt too.

Jif Cinnamon Peanut Butter: Non-GMO! We weren’t expecting this from such a big brand, so that was a plus. The flavor is good… a little weird at first, but it’s not overwhelming with cinnamon, which is good. Very creamy too.

Soy Vay Very Very Teriyaki: The flavors in this sauce are great, but (like the name implies) a little goes a long way. It doesn’t have a lot of sodium like other sauces out there and you can really taste the different ingredients. The sesame seeds in the sauce are also a nice touch. Overall, this is a sauce that we can see ourselves using in many recipes, Asian-inspired or not. Thumbs up!

Elmhurst Harvest Real Pistachio Beverage: We’ve never had anything like pistachio milk before! But this was good. You can taste the pistachios, so it might be slightly weird to eat with cereal, but it’s great to drink to by itself or to make smoothies. It’s lactose free, GMO free, there’s no gluten, no soy. Thumps up as well!

For more details or to order your first box, visit the DegustaBox website

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