#A25DayJourney: Paris Eats

Happy Bastille Day! Due to our recent first trip to the City of Lights, we’re particularly excited about this French celebration. This day gives us the perfect excuse to enjoy homemade tartines avec jambon de Paris, crispy pommes frites and delicious fresh toast. Sounds like a plan?

Paris was the 3rd stop of #A25DayJourney and we had so much fun eating our way through the city, trying all the classics, stopping by the local markets and figuring out how to do it all in about 48 hours! For the sake of #ThroughBackThursday, here are some of our favorite Parisian eats!

Start the day with a proper omelette. Café du Marche on Rue Cler makes a killer omelette with oozing cheese and local ham. Not only is it to die for, but the venue is located in a well-known street market. It’s a fun place to people watch as they do their morning shopping. 

Hit the deli for some veggies! Stewed, marinated, roasted. However they’re prepared, they are delicious. Get a side of beans, artichokes or sweet onions to enjoy with a warm baguette, good cheese and a glass of wine. Davoli has a great selection of veggies, as well as delicious spreads, cold cuts and cheese.

A little chilly outside? Time for lè French onion soup. Not everybody does it right. Your best bet is to ask the locals around and they will send you where you need to go. We got lucky with Café Chappe in Montmartre. While you’re there, they also make a killer chicken quiche!

Enjoy a classic boeuf bourguignon for dinner. After all the walking and food sampling, we were ready for a rustic comforting meal. Boeuf bourguignon was just it. The traditional French dish has its roots in the Burgundy region and is slowly braised in a full-bodied burgundy wine. La Boheme du Tertre, also in Montmartre, makes an excellent one.

There’s always room for macaroons! There are so many sweet options in Paris: chocolate croissants, crepes, tartins, eclairs, canelés, madeleines… The list is ridiculous. Sometimes you’re so full from your amazing meals that it’s almost impossible to try them all. But the classic macaroom is perfectly light. Before you know it, you’ve had 10! Biscuiterie de Montmartre has both classic and whimsical flavors.

Ready for more Paris? Don’t miss our cool vid!

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