Middle Eastern Bakery

We’re all about embracing the diversity in our Edgewater neighborhood. Every specialty market and family restaurant gives us a new perspective on food, culture and life. It makes us more excited about Chicago overall. The Middle Eastern Bakery in Andersonville is one of those places we kept on hold for a while, always intrigued by the teapots, the bread and pastries perfectly aligned by their street window.

This is the sort of place that teaches you something. You don’t just go there to enjoy the spinach pies and kibbi, but in their market section you go to find all the tasty treasures to cook and experiment with —pickles, spice rubs, sumac, nougat, imported chocolates, coffee, bulghur and beans. We could easily be here a while.

They recently opened a new café next door, between Clark and Foster. And it’s also pretty great. It’s hard not to come in when you can see juicy rotating meat roasting next to the window. Nabol wanted to try their ground beef kefta kabob wraps; I went for the kefta plate with salad and hummus. Super fresh, aromatic and delicious. And there are so many more staples in their menu. 

After a well-rounded meal, you quickly stop by the market for some homemade baklava, to eat Chicago-style on your way to the Red Line. And you know you’ll be back, many more times, because places in your community like this one inevitably become part of your identity, like a good book or a good song. It’s no longer just about the ethnic market close to home.

Kefta plate at Middle Eastern Bakery

Cherry candy with pistachios 

Pickles & Olives 

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