#A25DayJourney begins

A friend once told me that traveling was the best gift you could give yourself. With time, I’ve learned it is also the best thing you can give to a person you love. More than a trip, what begins today is all about my mother’s stroll down memory lane. We’re revisiting all the cities and places where she remembers to be the happiest.

And if only you could see her face. Almost 74-years young, this lady is as excited as Madonna going on tour. Six countries, 16 cities, 25 days! Talk about a ridiculous mission! But is all for her. We are holding on to our skepticism, and following her blindly into the unknown. It’s going to be a good one.

Day 1 started with very long trip from Chicago to Lisbon via Madrid, the city where we decided to meet my parents, who were coming from San Juan. They arrived a day earlier to rest before the big adventure and to have an excuse to enjoy a nice cafecito and flaky croissants at El Horno de Almudena, their favorite bread shop on Calle Infantas.

We met downtown at the trendy Mercado San Miguel for a quick bite and headed back to the airport to catch our flight to Lisbon, our first stop. Follow our journey with the hashtag #A25DayJourney.

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