Off the Wall: A new favorite in Mayagüez

Mayagüez is a fun hangout city. Two hours west of San Juan, this college town has lots of bohemian institutions such as La Casita, Los Freakys or La Cueva del Múcaro with the island’s best and cheapest Sangría. You also have all the cool coffee shops like Friend’s Café, Merendola and food trucks galore, starting with Los Gapo and their delicious churrasco sandwich.

There’s always a happy hour or a party somewhere. And lots of great food.

The alternative scene, however, has traditionally been more towards the nearby towns of Rincon, Aguadilla and Isabela. If you are into indie, rock music, surfing or skateboarding, that’s where you hang out.

There used to be a place called Dom Pepe where we spent many afternoons listening to everything from the latest indie bands to 80s mainstream, but it unfortunately had to close down. As soon as we heard about a new kid on the block that was trying to bring some of that chill vibe back to Mayagüez, we got incredibly excited. And that kid would be Off The Wall, our new favorite bar in town.

Think craft beers, tasty sliders and so much amazing new music that you’ll have a hard time putting down Shazam.

Off the Wall is located on Calle Mckinley near the town square with an ambiance that is very college like, yet different from the spots in Mayagüez. The walls are painted with fun murals, covered with album covers and vibrant skateboarding stickers. It's a nice medium-size bar and space where local bands can come play.

Their menu is simple, but spot on. We pretty much fell in love with their boneless wings. The chicken was so juicy and well seasoned, and you have a variety of homemade sauces to choose from, like the Surf Wax House Sauce or the Sweet Barbie.

To wash it all down, you can choose from a selection of crazy drinks, like their coconut sangria - My personal favorite - or you can ask the bartender to make something up. They’ll do it! Like any good ol’ college bar in Puerto Rico, everything is pretty affordable and the employees go out of their way to serve you well. 

We might’ve been the oldest folks at the bar at the moment, but everybody is a friend here. Definitively a cool addition to the town of Mayagüez. I think we’ve recommended this place to almost everyone we've met this holiday break.

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