Puerto Rico meets New York

A few decades back, going away to the States was synonymous with going away to New York. Mostly everyone in Puerto Rico seemed to be heading in that direction as a result of the “big migration” of the 1950s. There were factory jobs and a growing community. It was the place to go.

Things have changed since then and more islanders are also heading to places like Florida and Texas, but the cultural impact of Puerto Ricans in New York is still very visible. The success stories, the music and of course, the food.

Puerto Rico meets New York, from September 30 to October 4, is a great tribute to such a beautiful connection. The multi-day, multi-format event will celebrate Puerto Rico’s culinary influence and legacy through elevated multi-course menus, one-night collaborations between island and mainland chefs and a Puerto Rican style block party with Afro-Caribbean music.

It’s Puerto Rico’s time to shine beyond the humble family restaurants, street carts and food stands around the city.

Among our favorite chefs, the Puerto Rican chef José Santaella (Santaella) is partnering with world-renowned chef Eric Ripert (Le Bernadin) to put together a 7-course tasting menu that includes Ripert’s signature seafood dishes and Santaella’s young goat fricassee with creamy yautia puree.

To learn more about this celebration, check out the Meet NYC Website for detailed information on the chefs, the events and tickets.


  1. quieres que te recomiende alguno??? EL chef Jose Juan Cuevas es el chef del Condado Vanderbilt. Lo conozco desde hace huelemil años, y su comida es DE SHOW!!!!! Y los drinks de La Factoria son excelentes...así que ese no me lo perdería.

  2. Y Santaella y Eric Ripert suena como una combinación buena... he comido en ambos restaurantes - Le bernadin y en Santaella - los dos son UN EXITO!!!!